Founders’ Message

Message from Access Project Founder and Director Josh Ruxin

During my first trip to Africa in 1987 at the age of 17, I was struck by both the severity of health challenges and the inadequate public sector response. During the succeeding years I saw that one of the fatal flaws in public health programming was a lack of management expertise. In spite of the rising tide of financing for public health and AIDS programs, in particular during the late 1990s, there was not a corresponding improvement in management capacity for delivering key health interventions to the poor. When the Global Fund started in 2002, Rob Glaser and I were both struck by the ambition of the venture — to deliver billions of dollars for public health — against the overwhelmingly low capacity for planning and strategy on the ground. The result was the Access Project: an initiative to deliver private sector management skills to those in charge of the strategy and implementation of new, massive public health programs. (Follow me on Twitter)

Message from Access Project co-founder Rob Glaser,
CEO, RealNetworks

If you make Rwanda a better place, you haven’t solved all the world’s problems, but you have demonstrated that the problems can be solved. There are three reasons why I am excited about Rwanda. First, the government is very progress-oriented and pragmatic. Second, Rwanda is a small enough country, with about nine million people, so you have a feeling you can actually make a difference. Finally, the legacy of the 1994 genocide creates a moral imperative to work there. Using business savvy, I’ve backed about $7 million in grants to improve the lives of desperately poor people. It always takes a little longer than you think, but I think we’re moving the needle.