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A Healthy Investment

As a not-for-profit endeavor, the Access Project relies on the involvement, support and contributions of our funders and partners. Working together, strategic investments in health care management can produce long-lasting and sustainable results: health, and the hope and opportunities that health affords.

The Access Project has already seen tremendous success. Dozens of Rwandan health centers have made great strides with infrastructure, management and health care delivery. Thousands of people have newfound access to critical health care, but much work remains to be done. Throughout the country, more than a hundred health centers struggle to provide basic services.  Without electricity, many of these facilities lack lighting, refrigeration, and the computers needed to track patient care, insurance enrollment, and drug inventory. Stock-outs of life-saving drugs are frequent and women may be forced to give birth by candlelight without even an adequate delivery table. Financial instability leaves many health centers without sufficient trained staff.

Patients also struggle to access the care they need. The cost of health insurance is prohibitive for most of a population living on less than $1 a day. Even when insurance is obtainable, co-payments can pose an insurmountable obstacle. With homes scattered around the countryside, and public transportation non-existent or too expensive, many sick people must walk or be carried for hours to reach a health center or hospital. Because of cost and distance, all too often, people postpone seeking care until their illness is severe, which is often too late.

The Access Project is committed to meeting these challenges. We invite your participation as we work towards improving the health and ultimately the prosperity of people and communities throughout Rwanda.

These are just some examples of how investments can be leveraged:

  • $100: Health Insurance for 54 people
  • $10,000 Four annual nursing salaries
  • $100,000 Computer equipment for 72 Health Centers and seven hospitals