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varieties of beer in glass

How to Identify a Good Beer

If you have never tasted a good bottle of beer, then you might not notice the difference between quality and mediocre beer. Some specific characteristics distinguish good beer from the rest. Anyone who has ever brewed beer understands that brewing is not an easy process.

It takes a lot of time and effort to brew beer and so it is important to appreciate a good bottle of beer. If you don’t know how to identify a well-brewed bottle of beer, then here are some features of a good beer:


mug of beerAccording to beer clubs aroma is the first thing that you perceive before you even taste the beer. You can identify good buy based on the smell. The aroma is based on the main ingredients that are used to brew the beer. Most of the beers are brewed using malt, and you should be able to perceive the sweet smell of malt.

Before you take the beer, make sure that you take a good long sniff. Even if you are not an expert in scoring beer, it is always easy to identify a pleasant smell coming from the bottle of beer. If you smell a funny smell, then there are chances that the beer is not of good quality.

Color of Beer

When it comes to beer color, the opinions are quite subject considering there are light beers as well as dark beers. However, the color of the beer should be clear and consistent whether you are drinking a light or dark beer. You need to make sure that you observe the color in a clear background so that you can be sure that you get the actual color.


bottles of beerWe can never give a distinctive universal taste, but it is possible to identify good quality beer based on taste. A good beer can be sweet or bitter depending on preference. Some brewers specialize in brewing sweet beer, and you should be felt in the mouth. A good beer should be distinctive, and it should not leave an after-taste in your mouth.


Many people will be surprised to know that there is an actual feel of a good beer. Good beer should feel good when you take a sip or a gulp. The feeling of the beer has nothing to do with the taste. It is all about viscosity and the way the beer melts into your mouth.…